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Worried about a broken shelf, wooden door, window or a platform that requires immediate attention?

Not to worry, we're here to assist. Our friendly and reliable staff offers comprehensive carpentry repair services for all your needs. That's not all; all our services are pocket friendly too!

Repairing your house has never been this easy

It is very crucial that you entrust your house repair jobs to professionals like us who are skilled, experienced, and well-equipped with all the right tools to handle tough repair and building tasks with ease. Contact us for complete, hassle-free and reliable solutions at your doorstep.

Carpentry services

The quality of wood used in your house, door, and wooden platform may gradually deteriorate owing to constant exposure to harsh climatic conditions. This is where we pitch in to offer quality carpentry services for you.


Whether you would like to build a new wooden platform or a houses, we do it all perfectly within your budget. At Dave the Painter, we offer complete solutions for all your carpentry needs.  Email our friendly staff to learn more about how we can help you restore your home.

Quality assurance

Wood is an integral part of your house. Replacing a broken wooden shelf, door and wardrobe can be a hassle. If you're looking for quality and reliable carpentry jobs, search no further. We pride ourselves in providing the finest carpentry services using superior quality wood products.


Whether you would like to replace your existing shelf with a new one or you'd like to get a new one done altogether, we'll help you with all your needs. At Dave the Painter, we are obsessed with quality, so you can look forward to complete satisfaction.


We handle all your repair tasks with perfection