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Tough stains and dirt will accumulate over the years on your large decks and houses, leaving them dull and difficult to clean. Kick the accumulated dirt and stains off from your decks, driveways, and houses instantly using our pressure washing services. Take years off of your home in no time with our reliable and experienced pressure washing services!

Is getting that tough stain off your deck difficult?

At Dave the Painter, we offer pressure washing services with a difference. We are highly experienced, equipped with the right pressure washing tools and ready for you when you need us. Email us now!

Washing done right

Your house requires timely maintenance and cleaning services. Failing to do so might result in dirt accumulation, stains, mildew formation,  rot, decay and premature aging of the home which will bring down its price value.

We'll help you get rid of all the above hassles with ease.


At Dave the Painter, our team is equipped with high pressured water guns designed to kick away tough dirt and stains from all corners of your house with perfection.

Quality service with benefits

We offer quality services with benefits just for you:

  • Locally-owned and operated company with

  •  skilled laborers

  • Residential and commercial services

  • Quick and reliable service

  • Affordable prices

  • Military and senior discounts


Email our friendly staff for a quick quote now or to learn more about our services.


Pressure washing services with a professional hallmark

Power wash