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Your home exterior paint is very vital, as your house is exposed to harsh climatic conditions. You'll require fine quality paint to offer it the protection it needs and also extend the ageing years of your home. Transform your dull-looking home exterior instantly using our professional services that are affordable and reliable.

Get the perfect exterior look you've always wanted

At Dave the Painter, our dedicated professionals carries years of expertise and will ensure that your home exterior is perfectly painted to give you the look you've always wanted. Email us now!

Give new life to your home

We are committed to delivering quality and reliable services to you. Your home exterior requires maximum protection from outside climatic conditions.


We'll look into all the aspects of your existing building and analyze the kind of painting treatment it deserves.



Our quality painting services are intended to maximize the beauty of your house and give you long-lasting results.


Committed to quality service

Before commencing an exterior paint job, we will take care of the following preliminary tasks:


  • Caulking gaps and cracks

  • Sanding

  • Washing

  • Removal of stains and dirt

  • Removal of rust on metallic surfaces

  • Patching holes


We are committed to quality service and ensuring your complete satisfaction.




Enhance the beauty of your home exterior with our services