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Redefine your home interiors with fresh paint that'll brighten your home instantly. Your family spends most of its time at home and it definitely needs to look beautiful and extravagant. Our dedicated painters will rejuvenate your home interior and transform it instantly. Email our friendly staff for a quick quote and we'll be glad to help you right away.

Brighten your room with classic colors

At Dave the Painter, we offer comprehensive painting solutions. Ranging from helping you with a wide color scheme selection to enhancing shades for that luxury look, we do it all for you.

Affordable Painting

Now you don't need to worry about expensive paints burning a hole in your pocket. We'll help you in choosing the best colors and shades for your home interiors.


That's not all; we'll give your home the facelift and transformation it is waiting for.


Choosing dull or low quality paint could result in a bad job that'll end up in repeated painting jobs. We'll ensure your complete satisfaction through our painting services.



We're a class apart

Thorough interior painting requires the following tasks:


  • Cover your furniture so that paint does not spill on it

  • Removal of dust and dirt

  • Wall washing

  • Removal of nails

  • Preparing wall surfaces for primary coats

  • Performing wall sanding and caulking

  • Filling up of holes

  • Ensuring smooth finish before paint

Change the way your living room looks, with vibrant bright colors